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Beach Rules & Regulations,

Rules & Regulations, Whales/New Ocean Beach

1. No beach balls or air-inflated balls allowed in the water. 2. No drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed on the beach - subject to a twenty dollar fine. 3. No throwing or leaving behind trash or litter of any kind on the beach. 4. No animals allowed on the beach at any time. 5. No frisbees or ball playing on the beach during high tide or crowded conditions. 6. No air-inflated floats or surfboards are allowed in the water at any time. 7. No boats or surfboards allowed in the swimming area 100 yards from the tide line. 8. No boats to be launched from public beach (use ramp at Fisherman's Beach). 9. No fires allowed on the beaches (included are charcoal and gas type grills). 10. No climbing on rocky areas on the beaches. 11. Swimming near and jumping or diving off the pier at Fisherman's Beach is not allowed at any time.